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     Capabilities Brochure

    Sample Excerpt: Capabilities Brochure For Gemstar

    (Industrial Cases)

    Strategy: Utilizing a single idea, consistent throughout the brochure, I selected the thought of "Affordable Protection". The concept delivers a mind set of - relax, we’re secure and at a price that won’t break the bank. A major concern for this following and one we used over and over.


    Affordable Protection

    Body Copy:

    Sensitive electronic instrumentation, laptop computers, communications equipment, etc. Either products you manufacture or equipment your service engineers use in the field. When shipping these goods, they must survive the harsh abuse of baggage handlers, human and/or machine, and public transportation, etc., whether by airplane, truck or ship.

    What kind of value would you place on thousands of case sizes to choose from, rugged valences made of the same aluminum as used in the aircraft industry and numerous value-added features such as your unique logo, your color and molded inserts as well as EMI/RFI shielding to your specifications?

    What does protection mean to you?

    How about thirty five years experience of producing custom cases? You can rest assured that our design team (technicians, draftsmen and engineers) is capable of fabricating your order as you specified, by the agreed-upon delivery date and for the contracted price. Gemstar - affordable protection for your products.

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